Italy president names ex-IMF official as interim PM to form government


Your big bills thanks for having me here today well this wasn't just any forty nine year old this is a guy named michael frank who works as an actuary and the health insurance industry so this is a consumer who's very adept with numbers and digging into hospital built and you know a lot of us are accustomed to getting hit with big bills from our doctors and our hospitals and we expect to that our health insurance company is going to give us a special rate right give them in network discount and in michael franks case that in network discount for a partial hip replacement got him a fee of seventy thousand dollars hospital and that's just to put that into perspective that's more than three times what medicare would pay for that case and it's about two times what at another insurance company pay so he got hit with this high praised he went to his insurance companies that what gives and basically they said this was the rate we agreed on with the with the hospital so pay your share and so the my my he kinda gets into why health insurance companies are often not so you know not such good representatives of the patient when they agree to these high prices but this guy tried to find out the price of the actual surgery in neither aetna nor nyu lynn gone told him.

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