Susan Bayh, former Indiana first lady, has surgery to remove brain tumor


Former indiana first lady susan by underwent brain cancer surgery this morning hammer she's got a malignant tumor had removed this is the same kind of cancer that ted kennedy had but beau biden fought the john mccain's currently battling turns said news from a former first lady susan buying her her husband having by she had a tumor a number of years ago that turned out to be not cancerous removed but now this one seems to be a little bit more severe and man i hate that story susan by i believe is still on the board here at ms communications when ms communications was founded jeff smulyan starting us entire company basically one of the original board members was susan by and i believe she remains on the board another interesting story i saw was marco rubio in a roundabout way defending colin kaepernick so colin kaepernick is claiming that's there's been collusion to keep him out of the nfl word a lot lately collusion he claims that the owners all worked together to make sure that he stays out of the nfl well marco rubio was coming off a flight at the airport and tmz was there i don't know why they stock marco rubio but tmz was there and they started asking marco rubio for some reason about colin kaepernick i think certainly sixty four backup quarter sick people quarterbacks in the nfl darren sixty three people better than us so it's a good question to ask look i don't i i support his right to stand forty does i don't agree with what he did but i support his right to do it but if you're just talking football i mean there's a dearth of good quarterbacks and he certainly sixty three better quarterbacks in the.

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