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Country star. Jason aldean had just started to sing about how some days or tough when the audience heard a strange noise it wasn't a boom, boom, boom, more like. That's in Jelica Soto. Her friends call her Halley. She was at the annual route ninety one harvest festival in Las Vegas with her best friend. Carbonell agree a- on October one, two thousand seventeen. When they heard that weird sound. At first, they thought it was fireworks to Mark the end of the weekend long festival Heli said, so everybody kind of looked up and was waiting to see, you know, the sparkles and there wasn't any. And so we were like, okay, interesting. Maybe it was just somebody driving by. No, we don't be confirmed out what it was. Then they heard the sound again in Heli, felt her left arm start to burn. She called out to Carmen, who saw blood gushing from her friends shoulder ripped off her t shirt and held it tight against the wound people around them started to run so Carmen through herself on top of her friend to protect her from trampling feet. Then she felt a bullet hit her leg. I knew I couldn't move her and I knew. I wasn't gonna leave her. The bullish just didn't stop coming and Cy. Remember thinking, oh my God, this is how we go. I've told people, I, I was praying so lot like I didn't care who heard as long as God her because it was just so like terrifying. I don't even know how to put into words like tear that we found like. It wouldn't stop by kept telling I was like, why? Why won't the stop like, why isn't it stopping? It didn't stop for ten full minutes when it was over fifty. Eight people were dead. Carmen Halley were two of the more than four hundred people who survived gunshot wounds. The Vegas shooting marked the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history. The best friends made it out that day, but only because they saved each other. From the team that brought you accused in collaboration with the trace. This is aftermath a podcast about gunshot survivors. I amber hunt. You've heard about the Las Vegas shooting. It's the rampage that sparked talk of banning bump stocks. The devices used to modify semiautomatic weapons into something more like automatic ones has a record this episode where nearly seven months out from the shooting and still know surprisingly little about what happened. We know that the suspected killer shot himself as police closed in on them and we know that the man was rich and on a losing streak as a high stakes gambler. We know his girlfriend told police. He had become distant in the year before the shooting which he appears to have methodically premeditated. One of his doctors told him best Gators. He thought the man named Stephen paddock might have had a mental illness, but paddock refused to discuss the possibility and decline medication to treat anything more than ING sightsee. Why he did what he apparently did is still a mystery which aggravates Heli Carmen, who desperately want to understand what led a sixty four year old man to open fire on a jubilant crowd of twenty two thousand concert goers you start to wonder, and you start to think like, and that's probably the worst thing you can do after something like this can start to think about all the stuff that could possibly have been why. And and I think that's one of the biggest things out of this that pisses me off is that we don't know what you know. Why would you do this to these two people? You know, young people, one of the girls from issues twenty twenty years old just started living her life and they. Fanfare, they have some wives with strollers wheelchairs seventy couple that we had met. You know at the Hardrock I mean, there was they were. It's just it's hard to understand why someone would do something like this. So you might have noticed to voice his there or maybe you didn't because Carmen and are so connected. They've even sound a bit alike. We interviewed them together for this episode for a reason. The two are inseparable. They're both about the same age. Carmen is forty one Heli thirty nine and they've been best friends for fifteen years. They're so close in fact that Carmen's brother Danny describes them as they're like system. How do you say like sisters? They are sisters, you know, they just. They, they're almost married to be honest. Think of, you know your your significant others in how close you are with them. That's how they are Carmen. Halley are not married to be clear life would be easier. They say, but alas, because they're always together, it isn't surprising that they went to Vegas together that weekend, each of the tens of thousands of people who gathered there had their own set of decisions and circumstances that led them to being at that fateful concert. And this episode we want to highlight what led these two women there. What happened when a stranger opened fire on an unsuspecting crowd and what their lives have been like in the months since their pads, intersected with a gunman understand

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