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In. You would think that would be should be the other way round should talk about it. We'll be because it makes kids understand the hell things. How things work. What what happened? And I don't think that helps kids at all. It's like. They know what happened, but nobody wants to tell anything. I think you sometimes you just need to talk about newspapers at the time. Barely covered the case, the portsmith herald headed to sentence brief under the headline man held for wounding stepdaughter it read, quote Crossley. Fletcher thirty-three of Westmoreland was arraigned in district court today on a charge of aggravated assault in the shooting of his thirteen year old stepdaughter he entered no plea and quote. Another short story reported that clay was in fair condition at a hospital in Hanover where she was taken Sunday with a gunshot wound in the lower back. You'd never know from those descriptions what lay ahead for clay, but she remembers, well, she remembers the head surgeon was mean most doctors, unsympathetic one said to her, stop your screaming. How did you ever get through being shot like this, things like that that people say to you that you never forget. You never forget. That she was thirteen years old and without her mother, she remembers screaming as nurses poked and prodded into bright it or moons sometimes she would run away from them. It'll hurt too much. She remembers being visited by psychiatrist, whom she recalls is kind, but out of his depth. He had her look at some more shock cards, Inc plots. And she said that was it therapy, complete? No-one back then knew much about PTSD, but looking back Klay component to signs like has she couldn't watch much TV because anytime something violent came on, I would be terrified. I remembered the body sensations more than anything. Clad barely gotten out of the hospital before she had to go to court. Fletcher. Testified that the shooting was an accident. He said he'd been cleaning his gun when it went off Ailsa and clay's mother backed them up. The accident defense might have been more convincing if school officials towns, people hadn't finally come forward as character witnesses against the man, the conservation officer constable boasts said they saw tragedy coming, but felt helpless to stop. It. Teachers said that clay and her brother were routinely bruised and they suspected abuse at home. Ailsa referred to it as discipline rather than abuse about Gordon Claes little brother. She told police that her husband had helped set him straight quote. He shaped that kid up before I married Crossley. He was a stinking rotten Brad. He was spoiled. Crossley didn't awful lot for him and quote, how was the. The experience of testifying who is awful. I remember the day of the, you know that I had to speak the sheriff brought my dad and I into his office, and they had all the photographs laid out of the scene. And I remember sort of like looking at them for a minute and then not looking at them and I remember testifying, my mother was drunk and remember, you know, having to look at my stepfather all awful. And I think that I've just hidden that away. Right? Because there's only so much trauma anybody can take in. It was awful. It was unpleasant. Fletcher was sentenced for two and a half to eight years in prison. According to the New Hampshire department of corrections, he'll timidly served ten months. It's unclear why he was released. So early department spokesman, Jeffrey Lyons told me in an Email either had been ordered by a judge and not. Noted in the record or Fletcher got time off for good behavior use after the shooting clay began writing about her childhood is a way to get rid of some demons. That's part of that. She got as many court police records as she could. She also got digital copies of the black and white photographs. I don't know there's other pictures somewhere, but I don't know where they are, but that was my bedroom. So. You never saw that again? Oh, no, I have. I've been in it say you didn't stay though again. No, no, no. So that house is still standing in your saying that doors still? It's still weird. I mean, that's what I remember. It's fascinating how Klay compartmentalize his her emotions. She can look at photos of her blood, smeared bedroom and not flinch. She can describe the night. Her father figure fired a gun into her back and stay composed, but she cries a lot too, especially when talking about the few happy memories, she has like spending time with her real dad. I did see him off and on. Yeah, I used to remember when he was doing his sales loops. He would take me fishing, fly rod, fishing, Klay chokes up. That's a nice memory. Something else that's tough for her to talk about is who's really to blame for what happened to her. She thinks a lot about that. She, of course blames Fletcher who died in December of two thousand nine. If you go by newspaper, mentions of his life, his time on earth was noteworthy only for the havoc. He wreaked the man. He killed leaving four children without a father and clay whose body still expel shrapnel. But there were a lot of other people in that town who saw her bruises and hurt his threats and look the other way. Since I've come back, there's a lot of people just will not engage in nor do I want to engage with them because I sort of feel like the whole town knew and never dealt with it and never took care. Of me, right? So I sort of hold the whole town accountable for that. I mean, I don't do it publicly, but in fact, how could you not know that a kid was being abused. I don't want to put my. But as I've gotten older, I've realized how much you are supposed to protect the children in your vicinity. So I'm, I'm just assuming that as you've gotten older that that's become clear to you to that, that was not okay to to allow this to happen to somebody in the.

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