NBA playoffs 2018 recaps: TV schedule, results, analysis for Sixers-Heat, Trail Blazers-Pelicans, Rockets-Timberwolves, Thunder-Jazz


In the east there was game four for the heat and sixers dollar five in a row frenzied atmosphere on a dry breaks two sixers by three fifty eight seconds to go ninety seven five the fanatic mime and philadelphia sixers one win away from it advancing to the nba's eastern conference semifinals for the first time since twenty twelve jj redick team high twenty four ben simmons as you just heard a triple double sixers beat the heat one six to one zero two to take that three two one series lead had seventeen points thirteen rebounds tennessee's becoming the first rookie since magic johnson in nineteen eighty the post a playoff triple double simmons post's game giving away the game was played the tone took on what do you think about the way you guys were able to maintain poison close it out we did a great job of coming back staying poised and plays the team going to structure plays whatever it is defensively and offensively i think it says a lot i know your team guy but when you do something that magic was the last to do in nineteen eighty being a rookie with a triple double in this stage in a win less what does that mean for you i'm doing my job i think you'll starve average all season have been up there so it's not really anything new for the team or myself as long as winning i'm happy so all those accolades will come for all doing the right thing in joel was talking about how you guys are you know united in your stanford each other just talk about the altercation like you basically got in the middle of it i'm coming to cubs defense definitely know somebody's gonna push my teammate i'll be there for that everyone's dumb back on my team so i think i'd versus the same thing with nerve he chose back and that's the way we wanna play we play as a as a two joel embiid had a double double miami will try to stave off elimination tuesday in philadelphia.

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