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Industrials are they gonna see negative influence from all this trade rhetoric or as just gonna you know not be as big of a deal and three is again the tech results i mean they have such high expectations so netflix said a good number let's see if others can follow and here's the thing between now and next friday which is april twentyseventh more than fifty five percent of tech eighty percent of industrials and about fifty percent of the financial companies all report their earnings so we're gonna get a lot of information here pretty soon so there's also been a lot of focus recently and in the last week on a flation which again is steadily rising and this does always lead to that possibility the fed may start hiking rates faster than expected you know maybe four times this year instead of three so you know for trying to directly answer the question is this correction over not possibly but not until we get confirmation that earnings are going to meet the lofty expectations and we start seeing some signs of this economic improvement on the data no doubt and historically when we do go into recession on average last about four months right so you know really i mean when we go into a correction before it finishes and recovers so we're most of the way they're speaking but here's the thing it's extremely important for our listening audience out there to understand that all bull markets do end at some point no matter how well the economy is doing in fact of booming economy is often the catalyst that eventually leads to a market crash why is that that's because at some point you earnings expectations evaluations get raised too high and companies simply cannot sustain that growth necessary to keep justifying those higher stock prices and then that leads to a large drop in stock prices so also the fed the fed eventually raises interest rates too high to keep inflation in check and that inverse the yield curve which drives up lending and that sends the economy into recession as well so we don't see that happening just yet and in our opinion i think we do have some more room left in this bull market but at some point you know we're gonna see signs of a mature bull market i think we're already starting to see some of that so that's why our philosophy here as our listening audience knows is that.

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