First Bond Girl Eunice Gayson dies at 90


In order to make a statement says she can't attend march as a protest because of her age the sign calls for the impeachment of president trump three feet by four feet it was in violation of city code so my rebecca downsized the sign but not the message now up to code in front of her home in ilja in illinois mesa arizona people talking about the police department and the use of force witnessed in a couple of videos recently just wants to stop police brutality and frankly we can't really trust down to investigate themselves face a police chief ramon batista says two recent incidents leave him angry deeply disappointed at probe is underway her character's name was sylvia trench eunice case and was the first bond girl playing sylvia trench in dr no and in from russia with love cason help calm sean connery's nerves so we could deliver what would become doubleo seven's most famous catchphrase james bond jason's voice is not heard in either film as with many of the early bond girls her lines were re recorded by voice over artist a few years ago gibson revealed why the director chose her he said i want you because she is unique gheysens death was announced on her official twitter feed she was ninety larry miller cbs news london okay he wanted the kentucky derby he wanted the preakness and in just a few hours from now we could have a triple crown winner if justify wins at bell most exciting watched horses like that that can montel fast has of now justify remains the favorites the race in.

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