Brazil tennis great Maria Bueno buried


Today's filing us special forces soldiers being killed and four other american service personnel wounded in an attack by islamic militants in somalia the incident happened in jubilant were us forces are operating alongside somali troops to tackle alshabaab militants bbc news there's been a series of explosions in the iraqi city of kirkuk a military statement said a blast killed at least one person and injured fourteen others later on friday in a crowded market area of the city tensions have been high in kirkouk since disputed parliamentary elections in may since america's most successful female tennis player maria bueno has died at the age of seventy eight where news born in the brazilian city of sao paulo one nine thousand eighteen major titles during her career in the fifties and sixties she'd been suffering from mouth cancer leonardo rauscher reports mighty stab weighin wish was known in brazil won three singles titles in wimbledon four in the united states she was a self taught prodigy who brought grace to the game was a dominant force in the ninety sixties maria buenos career was shortened by elbow problems which he blamed on the heavy wooden brackets of the time after she retired she continued to follow the tennis circuit and became a tv and radio commentator when asked maria bueno named rod laver and roger federer as the greatest tennis players of all time a texas family that lost nine of its members in the mass shooting at the sutherland springs baptist church last year is suing the federal government for damages the lawsuit filed by jew and clarice holcomb blames the us air force for failing to report the killers history of violence mental illness and dishonorable discharge which would have prevented him from owning guns mr mrs holcomb who are in their eighties lost their children grandchildren and great grandchildren in the attack the head of animation at disney john lasseter is leave the company at the end of the year the director of the hit film toy story has been in a leave of absence since november after making star feeling comfortable with unwanted hugs mr lasseter apologize for the behavior which she said had crossed the line bbc news thanks you're listening to the needs room from the bbc.

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