In Washington, North Korea’s ‘denuclearisation’ talk draws scepticism - Newspaper


So in that situation the north koreans are a disadvantage there but they're trying to salvage it by allowing journalists to come in to witness the detonation of the nuclear test sites as if it was simply out of the blue actually it was basically a statement that the north koreans have not been able to safely test its own nuclear weapons inside mountaintop and third earth koreans that are a slight disadvantage because they have not yet demonstrated the ability to reliably strike the united states with an icbm the fact that they could hit the united states with a nuclear weapon that is off the table we know that it's possible because they have tested an icbm which in principle if aimed toward the united states what actually hit the us survey however how reliable is that test that's the key word reliability i of all the north koreans have not demonstrated that their warheads can be aimed at the united states in a proper way to hit a city and second of all they have not demonstrated that the nuclear weapon will survive the reentry in fact there are indications that the last test of a weapon by the north koreans disintegrated disintegrated just before impact making it rather useless so again we don't know how accurate these north korean missiles are and second of all we don't know the integrity of these missiles as they reenter the atmosphere at hypersonic velocities so in that sense i think the united states

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