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Brian all right let's get to the news desk thanks very much doug thirty five minutes now past the hour and we're looking at this president trump's popularity facing a test with the tuesday primaries with that and the rest of the global news here's mark mills in the bloomberg newsroom mark brian thanks the race for control of congress kicks into high gear with primaries in four key states on tuesday that will test whether democrats can turn trump's low approval ratings to their advantage democrats and republicans in indiana west virginia ohio and north caroli china will pick candidates for congress governor and state legislatures president trump employed republicans in west virginia not to vote for us senate candidate donald blankenship in the gop primary saying the candidate a coal executive who served prison time for a safety violation that killed twenty nine miners can't win the general election trump wants to avoid a replay of the roy moore defeat in alabama the trump administration has shown in america i vibe that has many allies worried that the us is withdrawing from its traditional international engagement bloomberg's kathleen hayes asked about that in a conversation with former secretary of state george shultz a trend pulling back from asia to you've seen for a while is it is it a mistake the us is making there's been a lot of rhetoric like that but we seem to be preoccupied with china japan north korea so we're not we're engaged heavily should be trade talks with mexico and canada continue following the decision last month to postpone tariffs on us imports of steel and aluminum from the european union canada and mexico secretary of state mike pompeo meeting with his mexican counterpart at the white house monday so how did optimistic on nafta mexico as our second largest export market third largest trading partner the importance of modernizing nafta cannot be overstated and we'll continue to work towards an agreement with mexico and with canada the trump administration will ask congress to cancel fifteen billion dollars in unspent government funds including seven billion from the children's health insurance program according to people familiar with the plan the move would cancel unspent money from previous years of children's health insurance but would have no effect.

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