Janet Jackson to get the Billboard Icon Award


Nina she's still with the man who had sex with people while she was giving birth with her she didn't stand up to cheer she just sort of like kind of appetite okay okay sorry that's no janet jackson will perform at the upcoming billboard music awards and she will receive the billboard icon award this'll be jenn it's i live television performance in nine years has recipients of the billboard icon award include prince stevie wonder celine dion cher neil diamond end jennifer lopez in the billboard music awards are on sunday may twentieth she deserves it i'll tell you what i love seeing i mean she's such a great performer kevin jackson we saw her actual that we did right before she cancelled the rest of her because she was pregnant she was pregnant and she was kind of like under the thumb of back guy husband yes and so she was basically like wearing turtlenecks and harem pants remember that that was her costuming so it'll be interesting to seattle performance southbound exactly speaking of musical performances queen and adam lambert are doing a ten date limited las vegas residency this fall it's called the crown jewels and it will be at the park theatre at the mgm in las vegas starting in on september first and running through the twenty second of that month tickets go on sale friday seems like sacrilege or disrespect they've been doing this thing for almost a decade yes i didn't know that time that queen and adam lambert did their thing was back in may of two thousand nine when they perform together during the american idol finale yes i hated it ever since two by the way i don't know i'm already mad at them because of the whole biopic.

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