Former officer gets 5 years for beating Walmart customer over tomato


At eight thirty nine wsb temperature is sixty four a former police sergeant gets prison time for beating a man he thought was stealing tomato from walmart heroin carnegie tells channel two action news he still feels the effects of the baton beating that broke his leg in a walmart lobby titanium poll in it i've got a couple of big nuts and infections and buckles back had doubled back to weigh a tomato he'd already bought but then atlanta police sergeant trevor king bonnie was stealing king's lawyer otis williams says this negotiated five year sentence was best even though kings giving up his right to appeal making sure that he didn't spend the next ten to twelve to twenty years in prison and we take that gamble carnegie says keen got what he deserved bronco waters wsb a plan to arm teachers at jefferson city schools is on hold for now we'll be tabled until we either decided to do something else for maybe modify this proposal following a weekend form full of opinion on the issue superintendent john jackson says he wants a study group to take the summer to take closer looks at what other counties are considering like infanticide and lawrence is he okay if adventure his school board says no to a plan yeah i mean i would at least i know we would have made an effort to do something that we're doing not doing why edgar treiguts wsb a california judge issues a final ruling that requires coffee makers to add cancer warning labels to their products in the state the coffee industry was trying to fight off a ruling that it had to adhere to california's prop sixty five requirements which mandate warning labels on products that have cancer causing chemical jackie quinn reports the industry unsuccessfully argued the roasting process produces a harmless amount of a chemical linked to cancer wbz news time eight forty one hits nineteen minutes still vr stripers against charlotte night seventy five kuwait field and the georgia bulldogs take on the georgia tech yellow jackets baseball team at suntrust park tonight benefiting children's healthcare.

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