Kelloggs: Venezuelan government seizes factory, hands it to workers


Of rejection the finding comes in a survey of more than twelve thousand lgbtq teens across the nation they reported feeling unsafe in their school classrooms more than three quarters of them reported feeling depressed half of trans and gender expansive respondents said that they never use school restrooms because they can't use the ones that they identify with that's mark mayfield reporting with the royal wedding just a few days away advice for megan markle on which member of the royal family might be a good person with whom to bond abc sherry preston says you might be surprised when make markle joins the royal family she will of course be an outsider she's on a fine job of navigating the rules and protocol what it means to be royal but relax with chill out with cape the duchess of cambridge while they are about the same age but royals biographer robert lacey doesn't think she's the one that megan has been bonding with the most recent being camilla she's very relaxed in fact lacey says princess diana's nemesis is the one who meghan markle might reach out to for advice on how to fit in cheri preston abc news the government of venezuela is now in control of cornflakes in the country venezuela's government has now taken control of a plant owned by kellogg's cereal manufacturer they made the move after kellogg's announced it was pulling out of the country because of the worsening economic conditions there then as waylon president nicolas maduro says the plant will be turned over to the workers and they will continue manufacturing on their own bills in for reporting chicago mayor rahm emanuel calling a lawsuit to block the construction of the planned obama presidential center a frivolous one the mayor blasted a group that suing saying they don't understand the twentyfirst century i think this is a frivolous lawsuit it's based on some notion of the records the record is going to be digitized the welcome to the twenty first century they can be both in new york and in chicago it's protect our parks inc who filed the suit over claims that the center won't include a true presidential libraries in stock uments from president obama's presidency won't be physically kept their abc world headlines next what's worse than are you fueled by curiosity.

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