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War. Eight, seven, six, three wonder. The wonderland murders a tale of violent home invasion, robbery, and the revenge rampage that followed. Two wounds to the head. It involves drug-fuelled gang of criminals. Crazed crime kingpin. On his stomach and the world's most famous porn star on a downward spiral. During have a visitor Mr.. Johnny was from wondering the network behind young Charlie dirty John. This is the wonderland murders by Hollywood and I'm Tracy Tatton. Join me in my co host writer, director, Larry brain with stories and details. You've never heard before premiering on may seventeenth subscribe to the wonderland murders where ever you're listening to this come with. Won't you. After the initial shock that the point was imminent, and that could very well be followed by a ground war that included chemical attacks. Lewis started to gain a little perspective on the situation. He was after all United States Marine built and trained for combat and a part of the greatest fighting force the planet had ever seen. He would face what need to be faced support his comrades and do whatever was required of him, but it wasn't until they were getting ready to leave that the other shoe dropped. Remember in January two thousand and three. There was no recent precedent for a build up an invasion. There was some president for shipping out into harm's way, but no salient cultural shift to deal with sending husbands and sons, wives and daughters abroad to fight US military was acquitted for war, but the citizenry had not yet even begun to establish a United homefront infrastructure. I remember like everybody was coming down to see me leave. So I remember my parents. My brother was there. My my wife was there for sure. And we were just outside of the barracks and Camp Pendleton on lost pogo. I remember the white buses pulled up and we're going gonna go to March air force base and fly out. And from there I didn't know where we're going, but I remember it was just kind of like the thing when you're if you've ever had tell somebody goodbye. In. If it was going to be like for real, this is this is good. Bye. And that's kind of the atmosphere of everything. It definitely it affected everybody. There was there was no tough guys on that bus. There was everybody was emotional and scared. We didn't know if we were coming back. So it was. That was kind of the vibe that was going on that time and then come to find out. You know, my dad ends up breaking out in hives and it's just it's when you deploy you don't just it's not just you leaving, you know you're leaving behind people that that love you and care for you. And you just don't know if you're going to see him again. I don't know how to explain that feeling to you without. You'd have to experience. There's no, there's no feeling for how to describe it. You know. When you're a member of the armed forces, every pre deployment could buy a real one. It isn't something people get used to take for granted what Lewis started to realize and what would come to fully understand. His deployment continued was that he wasn't alone in his decision to join the marines. His family was affected just as where the families of all of the other young men deploying with him. It wasn't just about missing his wife and folks. It was about putting himself in their place when the knock came on the door, and there was a marine dress blues on the other side, waiting with his condolences. The internet was barely thing at the time. So the last time anyone would see anyone's face or hear their voice was before climbing those stairs and taking their place on the bus of all the things they expected and prepared for the one aspect of an invasion. This battery unit wasn't ready for was the boredom. And there was as much boredom as there was sand in the coup. Weighty desert for the first ninety, nine days of two thousand and three. The marines would set up the guns. Wait a few days, break them down, move them and set them up somewhere else with nothing to do with the time between the behave like twenty year olds with too much time in their hands bullshit and playing cards, dirty jokes for anything you can think of any kind of crude field humor, beaten people up. People got beat up all the time. Tying up people, hog-tying people tape them up. It was an

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