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From npr news in washington i'm nora romm negotiators from the us canada and mexico have yet to reach an agreement on arena goshi ation of nafta despite reaching today's deadline set by congress but as james frederick reports from mexico city some negotiators are still hopeful mexican economy minister ildefonso guajardo says although there are still major issues to work out he thinks it would be possible to reach a new nafta deal by the end of the month mexican officials are eager to finish the deal as soon as possible since elections for a new president as well as hundreds of legislators happened on july first it's a big day in the central african country of burundi npr's eyder peralta says amid tension and fears of violence burundians are voting on a controversial referendum so far there have been no reports of violence but the runup has been marked by intimidation beating and even the murder of opponents of the referendum the proposed change the constitution would give more power to president pierre including see some and it would also extend his rule until twenty thirty four a spokesman for the chinese commerce ministry says china does not want increase trade tensions with the united states but it will defend its interests the comment came as the us and china resumed talks aimed at heading off a trade war the trump administration is threatening to impose tariffs on as much as one hundred fifty billion dollars of chinese imports china's threatening to retaliate i'm nora raum npr news on the next fresh air trump versus the deep state we talk with evan osnos of the new yorker about how hundreds of nonpartisan civil servants considered not loyal enough to the administration have been sidelined or pushed out of government key positions have been left open to an unprecedented degree leaving the president with few restraints on him join us here fresh air this afternoon beginning at one followed a two by the world here's a preview next time on the world south koreans flocked to a movie set outside seoul it's a full size replica the place where kim jong hoon shook hands last month with south korea's president visitors can now do their own handshakes for the cameras why some people in south korea say they like kim jong un it's the world i'm judy woodruff on the next news hour we continue our series inside yemen with a.

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