Florida teacher accused of drowning raccoons with students


By the way that guy in first class was a hero real headline not to the airline of course the way we're trying to control the cost of the alcohol real headline for criminal headline for not the onion today what dot is wrong with this person real headline from action news jacks i don't know why there's such a source for not the headlines but they sure are from florida that's why did you really need an explanation here's the headline florida teacher accused of drowning to raccoons during science class during science class my friend here's a quote from somebody who is there my friend said that the class before that they were putting water in the bucket the raccoons had killed several chickens and they finally took the cage otherwise trapped in this market kids were crying yelling and angry what's wrong with this teacher teaching he's go to jail for a very long time that's horrible evil what's wrong in florida that they would drown raccoons that's what that's their nature don't be like that florida teacher that's the lesson of today and be more like that first class passenger sharon sharon the drinks back and coach i love that all right you guys thank you so much dave caroline always appreciate chris on the board keijo a ten keep it tuned in for the ron owens report i think you're phenomenal host one of the bat you're a clown you wouldn't fight for this country at your life the tend to so nice day message eight central ethic from the chilton auto body traffic desk got two new accidents for the.

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