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First officer responding it was his name was joseph grams who questioned brown about illegally parking across those handicapped spaces he's a new relatively newer police officer i talked to police chiefs last night here's what they told me they viewed his actions at least what they saw on that video as overly aggressive that's police chiefs telling me this looking at the video that somebody who's been in that in that life in both places have served in in officers officer roles previously that's what they're saying we're seeing many conservative voices across this country including us senator ron johnson this morning saying we need to look at how we handle these confrontations incidents in a much much different in harder i critical eye looking at how we deal with people doesn't excuse anybody's behavior doesn't let people do whatever they want when they come in contact with police officers after the break we're gonna hear from sterling brown he was on with robin roberts on good morning america his his version of events how he sees it in again in the context of race relations in this country this is a moment in time in police relations with community milwaukee we can take a lead on this we can do something about it understanding where where are the other viewpoints are on this issue so important time as i said after the break we're we're going to listen to sterling brown what he says about the incident and then ask you the question do you think the discipline of the officers was appropriate was it fair and just in the case of the first responding officer suspended for a couple of days is that fair even what happened we've heard from the police association president very challenging job law enforcement i talk about that almost every day on the show is that punishment fair i'll ask you that question after we hear from sterling brown right here in wtmj this is the virtue for the generation of pride city of cutting we supports defeaty salute to service because it's important recognize all types of servicemen.

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