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Violence. This film is a fascinating conversation about choice because their first child was conceived through what they call the natural way, and as is portraying the first ten minutes of film that child had a lot of both real amp proceed difficulties born with harken Bishen. And then with that came certain challenges about whether or not schools with this person deem liability, ultimate affective, the opportunity as an adult we didn't want. I mean diseases. Yes, but we were just wondering if if it's good to just leave a few things to chance you want to give your child best possible start believing. We have enough imperfection built in already. Child isn't eating edition burdens when it came to have second child, the parents didn't necessarily feel as if they had a choice. It seemed like they were luckily went to this Toby clinic because they felt that second son that anyone that's on average same parts as the first one. Keep in minds child still you simply the best of you. You could conceive naturally thousand times never get such a result. It's how my brother Anton came into the world to me that the very important conversation to suggest that you know, even couples that may not want to partake in the technologies of selection may feel compelled to because of how society reacts to children that are concede without the type of intervention. From an early age. I came to think of myself as others thought of me chronically ill, every skinned knee and runny nose was treated as if it were life threatening. I'm sorry, the insurance won't cover it if he fell. But I was told that everything was really wish there was something I could do. It's a way to get people to think about the idea that technology is not always neutral or beneficial to society can also lead to some bad outcomes and its way to get people thinking about some things that you're seeing the news round embryo screening. Gene editing are often frame or pitch as things that will improve health or something that is a net positive society. So what was happening in nineteen ninety seven that enabled the filmmakers to see this vision of the future. I think it's really interesting to reflect on where genetic science was when this movie was made. That's Marci Dr. knob ski executive director of the center for genetics and society. So this is happening just in the run-up to the mapping of the human genome, which was gonna prove that all of us were the same under the skin. We should no longer think about race as a biological category, and everyone was going to be shown to have certain genetic anomalies. So you know, it was going to be this really unifying sort of result from the human genome project. But in. Fact, what we've seen is very different from that, we've seen a revival of the idea that racism biological category rather than a social one. The context of film Gatica was the human genome project and other projects trying to identify all the genes that make up humanity. And with that comes new possibility because that you didn't have understanding or the possibility for the research, which genes or linked to possibly other outcomes or understand if in where humans differ an population basis, really when you think about it, what is racism and what is able isn, except the perception that biological categories mean that some people are better than others. The conversation on race and genetics, of course, is a big one. We can only begin to touch on it here, but know that it is a very active conversation when I asked us, Augie, about how we think about our conceptions of race and how they relate to genetic traits. He had an answer that took me some time to. Fully grasp. So of course, he was differ at a population level, but those population differences do not map onto the racial differences that have come to be meaningful at a social political meaning that there are differences on a genetic level between different populations, of course. But these differences just don't line up with the distinctions that we make between races. My father was right. It didn't matter how much lied on my resume. My real resume was in my sales. Why should anybody invest all that money to train me when there are a thousand other applicants with a far cleaner profile, of course, it's a legal to discriminate Geno. It's cold, but no one takes the laws seriously. Even genome project is often cited as being the definitive evidence. There is no biological basis race in part because the distinct breaks that we understand as reflecting racial difference don't exist at the genetic level. Now, what this film does is to reintroduce the whole idea that you're born with your destiny professor Troy duster and the opening what five minutes is all about how this family wants to have just an armed normal child. And then they're told, no, you can't have a normal child child with certain number of attributes. Well, okay. So now we have, let's call crisper. If you haven't heard of crisper yet it's being written about and talked about with increasing frequency. Currently, there is an ongoing patent dispute over the use of crisper cast nine to edit genomes. Here's professor obesity again on crisper cast nine personal has nine as part of a suite of new numbers technologies that can do a whole lot different things. But in particular conversation that we're talking about around prio trait selection. It is one of several protas that can allow parents to make choices about the biological competition of their future child. And that is through the increasing ability to identify certain traits that are Societa certain behaviors and outcomes. So every time you see something in the news or re-something newspaper says, the gene for X has been discovered. So gene for for baldness gene for knows always a conversation around being such intelligence every time you see that kind of conversation around the discovery of genetic basis. Some all come that intersex conversation about the -bility screen for or edit for or at an interro that trait Doorns type of system reproductive procedure. Crisper is. Massive milestone in the world of genetics research since crisper discovery. There have been an onslaught of companies looking to capitalize on the research. There are a number of research ventures trying to find genetic basis for hosts, things on there are group's looking at intelligence or other groups of my other traits, musical ability cetera. Typically, these type betrays involve multiple genes and also environmental component. So hard to say that a gene for intelligence will ever be dented. What is intelligence is the ability to fix a car? Or is it ability to write academic paper? Those two very different traits into that one is more characteristic of intelligence in another. I think the very devious line to draw. This idea that we could use genetic technologies not just to read the human genome, but to rewrite the human genome and that certain people are going to be able to have access to this technology to make them improved or perfect. Outside. I renew watches ship launch, Drome, walk slowly behind Irene. If found an eyelash in the south wing visit a name, just some invalid. He nods falling into step with her true.

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