Obama: Leaving Iran deal 'misguided' 


The selection is ridiculous decision to pull out of the nuclear agreement with iran is being called a mistake by some ap washington correspondent saga megani reports one of them former president barack obama whose administration negotiated the deal the iran deal was the obama administration's biggest foreign policy win the former president says withdrawing is misguided in part because iran is complying and the deal has worked the rolling back its nuclear program he says the withdrawal amounts to the us turning its back on its closest allies and risks roading america's credibility the number of women giving commencement speeches is up and as a piece oscar wells gabriel reports the metoo movement is a factor in that accompanies higher to land celebrity speakers for major colleges say that they have been flooded with requests for female speakers this graduation season so much so they say they are having trouble keeping up the schools are not specifically saying that this is because of the sexual misconduct scandal that has been rocking the nation but they note that students do help make the final selections and with me to going strong student groups are more likely to lean toward female speakers to impress alumni and helped recruit future students i'm oscar wells gabriel the head of japanese technology company softbank group says it'll sell its stake in indian e commerce company flip card to walmart softbank founder and ceo mass chaos she son didn't give any details in.

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