White House aide dismissed McCain's views because 'he's dying anyway'


For president trump's former personal attorney michael cohen with questions growing about millions paid the his shell company by businesses looking to work with the trump administration abc's chief national correspondent tom yomas has the latest the treasury department launching an investigation into the possibility financial records tied to the president's personal attorney michael cohen may have been legally lead cohen responding to questions about stormy daniels attorney michael who posted some financial details about a company cohen started shortly before the election essential consultants nadia legis and use that same shell company to facilitate the daniels payment in a hush agreement but also for a consulting practice that had transactions totaling at least four million dollars shortly before the election into two thousand eighteen among the web of companies that hired cohen at and t which allegedly paid him at least two hundred thousand dollars and has a major merger pending before the justice department the company says they paid to get quote insights into understanding the new administration former suitable giant novartis acknowledges they paid cohen one point two million dollars a company spokesman says they were promised quote access to the new administration also potentially troubling for cohen five hundred thousand dollars avenue ati says cohen received from columbus nova a company with deep ties to putin ally viktor vessel berg a russian billionaire who reportedly attended the trump inauguration and according to the new york times was questioned by the mother team two people tell the associated press that a white house official dismissed the view expressed by senator john mccain about president donald trump's cia nominee saying at a staff meeting that it doesn't matter because he's dying anyway the two people who were in the room for the comments say white house aide kelly sadler was discussing mccain's opposition to trump's pick for c i a director she made the remark they spoke to the ap on condition of anonymity to discuss the closeddoor meeting your money at twenty and fifty past the hour on komo news now.

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