Police investigate viral video of officer putting man in chokehold outside Waffle House after prom


And traffic now three thirty i'm becky lynn here's our top story video of an arrest this week in north carolina has sparked an investigation against responding officers in warsaw on your fayetteville in a facebook video white police officer is choking the twenty two year old man named anthony wall even though the young black man's hands are in the air he admits arguing with employees beforehand later telling wt television in raleigh i was pretty much china's screen for air and debris because he was talking to my throat hits the second incident involving white cops and black customers at a waffle house in less than a month after police and sarah land alabama fought with a woman officers say was drunk pete combs abc news atlanta a major recall a popular suv fiat chrysler is recalling more than three hundred twenty five thousand older jeep suv's in north america to fix the suspension problem that could limit a driver's ability to control the vehicle recall covers liberty suv's from the two thousand four through twenty seven model years the car maker says that water can get into the rear lower control arms and cause rust and possibly cracks impairing a driver's ability to control the suv abc's daria albinger phoenix food bank is hoping that you will donate to a national food drive this year jerry brown was saint mary's food bank it's right before the summer and that's what we distribute more food than at any other time of the year the kids are out of school they're not getting the free breakfast and free lunch brown says between the teacher walkout and the tender fire the food banks been stretched very thin the stamp out hunger food drive is saturday may twelfth you can leave a grocery bag or a box of non perishables near your mailbox the oldest person in the us has died one hundred fourteen year old dell gibson died yesterday according to a pennsylvania funeral home gibson had lived at a at the nursing home since two thousand four and attributed her long live to good food or faith in god and her church now the oldest living american is said to be one hundred thirteen year old lessee brown of cleveland heights ohio let's check on the traffic and the weather.

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