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We start with big story number one of the united states supreme court weighing in on sports betting now let me kind of backup to explain for you exactly what the supreme court did today back in one thousand nine hundred ninety two congress passed a law which was designed it's they called it the professional and amateur sports protection act it did not make it against federal law for states to allow sports betting it didn't make it against the law then say it's illegal to bet on the brewers game tonight against arizona what the law said was that the state a state government could no could not authorize sports betting under state law and what they did is they exempted this was primarily to give like a big sloppy wet kiss to nevada were sports betting had been in existence for for like forever and there were also a couple other states that had variations of sports betting and they were grandfathered in but they didn't make it against federal law they didn't say it's a crime violates title eighteen united states code whatever whatever to to place bets on sporting games they said that for any of these states other than the four that already had some form that primarily nevada it is unlawful for the state to authorize sports betting well there's a number of states who who viewed sports betting is being away to generate you know lots of lots of revenue in

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