Father of Pakistani girl killed in Texas hopes her death can spur reform


One six nine am seven forty kcbs it's monday may twenty first twenty eighteen coming up on kcbs the first funeral is held for a victim of the santa fe texas school shooting we'll also have a segment from last night sixty minutes broadcast i'm peter finch kcbs news time to thirty one cbs news update this is the first funeral for victims of the santa fe texas school massacre pakistani exchange student sabika shake she wanted to be part of a i wanted to be apart that's her host father in santa fe jason coburn from pakistan her father says he hopes her death can spur gun control in the us here's cbs's omar villafranca learning more about the terrifying moments during the shooting witnesses told the ap the shooter hovered between four classrooms for almost half an hour verbally taunting the students in the classroom even yelling surprise before opening fire with a shotgun and a thirty eight caliber pistol texas governor greg abbott this killer was intent on trying to inflict horrific damage on these kids and my hope is he gets swift texas justice cbs news update i'm jim taylor kcbi kcbs news time is two thirty two time now for a segment from last night sixty minutes broadcast on cbs in the segments correspondent steve kroft on the power of google company critics say has stifled competition this past week the federal trade commission was asked to investigate the data collected by google on his android operating system which powers.

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