Jordan Hicks of St. Louis Cardinals throws two 105-mph pitches



Good baseball teams in if there's a way to improve alexandroupolis is going to do it but that today you know when you go through a season like this there there have to be these little magic moments and that one was that was as entertaining baseball game as you will ever see today there was some magic moments for the cardinals on sunday courtesy of jack flared he was fantastic and that's a another team who you know you never know how quickly young talent is going to evolve and you kinda look to that cardinals rotation going into the season guys late weaver and flaherty potentially having a lot of growth for them in a short time and maybe that rotation looks a lot different old flaherty was fantastic on sunday struck out thirteen phillies and route to a five one victory so people are gonna remember flare these performance richard but i think one thing we're really gonna remember from that game is jordan hicks cardinals reliever he hit a hundred and five miles an hour on the gun twice in that in that outing and relief of flared one third inning outing and this is a guy who's got a lot of attention this year for the pure velocity he's up there in the arolla beyond they were all the chapman realm he's averaging ninety nine mile an hour plus with his fastball at the average but what stands out to me richard he struck out nine guys in twenty two innings so it's not like he's just blowing his fastball by people you know he's getting some ground balls in that that seems to be predominant route by which he's getting his out so it's not the traditional one hundred five on our fireball if you will know and i think steph cass had his him today throwing the five fastest pitches of the season so obviously on a day when flared outpitched aaron nola he was geeked up and got the last four outs but he you know he throws a hundred and he's effectively while i think that's the term for it a walked to in there's a lot going on with the cardinals right now they lose their shortstop paul d young for for weeks and they're kind of might mathies trying to figure out you know the colt long back.

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