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Stand quite a lot of pressure to to give up on it. But actually it's then come storming through and to go down on a Friday Friday. Well, any evening of the week and say at nine thirty when the cabarets emptying out the American bows full in the music stress struck up in the browser. That big, it's exciting. Well, then you come to create a fair. You couldn't be when you eighteen years old. Yeah, right. I think that's well. It's interesting pick up on that. I'm in the beauty of it as as time goes on. I realize as part of me, which is a little bit architect a little bit creates a little bit right to a little bit. I know many things Mon K but they'll bit of ringmaster maybe. Well, I in some ways and then I become a countless. It gives me a great deal of enjoyment and just finally, people will be very interested in hyper the night together people while not how many tables you keep aside just in case Madonna tons of the Wolseley. How does that work? Some times people quite outraged by the the notion that tables a cat back 'cause they found khloe yourself into Galateri. But of course, people wanna go to a restaurant which is a buzzy and funding be has an interesting group of people. It is fair to say, if you if you have twenty five tables, you take the first twenty five bookings. They're probably going to be disappointed. And I know it's Otis odors restaurant jokers the customer says, have you got a table for two? I'm afraid. I bet if. Principals was to walk in you trying to table to well, maybe we would serve it mal. He's not coming. I tell you that good authorities. Can I have his table is the and people don't understand, but it's not just celebrity. We keep tables for its people who are regular customers because there's nothing worse than building up a relationship with the restaurant and actually being part of it success and then subsequently not being out get in, but there's a lot more to it in restaurants. And I remember Adrian Gila Gil wrote about the IV very perceptively understood that what we were trying to do and his was was not allow any tribe to dominate the great restaurants. When you have theater people sitting next to advertising to publishing to film people to any number. Nobody should dominate because then becomes uncomfortable. So for us, it is. People talk about it and curated a room. It's understanding who the customers are. But again, it's the whole point of the business. And as I say, the staff, if it's only about sitting people down, taking orders serving cooking, etc. It's really boring business. But if you understand how that foods reared or grown the wine and all the fascinating things about and then mixing it with people and who they are, why they count sit next to each other and on. It's one of the most fascinating because it is at the root of our culture if you think about it virtually every major movement, culturally or revolutionry has started in a grand cafe, whether it's in Paris, Moscow wherever it might be. So the art of the rest of the tour is perhaps I'm being slightly vase of actually how we do it. I'd never ever pretend that we done. Hold back a very large proportion of tables for the people who've made a successful Jeremy king talking to. Robot bound. In the words of king breath. Sary's shouldn't be a place for the affluent only but should chefs take on even more responsibility in tackling broader social changes such as hunger or excessive food waste must mature. We know is a man of many passions, annoying days as ever on this question. He jumped in wholeheartedly but serious devoted himself in recent years to feeding the hungry through his foundation food for so here, it must motels me more about taking on the responsibility shafts, I think, are much more than the some of their recipes. People are listening culture, knowledge, consciousness sense of responsibility, a chef with culture, and that's why say is the most important ingredient for chef of the future studying reading, getting deep into things, you know, transform, they interested into passion, you can transfer emotion through passion and you know, knowledge develop, you know, created team. Team that is swallowing you. Once you have this, you know, opens the consciousness that is very, very important, especially an Italian chef like me that the grew up in a very social area region as ROmania. We have these in our DNA and the the central responsibility. Of course, when you receive everything from life, what do you have to give back? And this is the moment in which you give back. And I gave back like this, you know, try to involve everyone. All together. We share his idea all together. This is a big change and and we wanna give back and we, we, we one fight ways because numbers are numbers, eight hundred sixty million people. They don't have anything to eat. One point. Five are overweight and one point, three billion tons of food are wasted every year, thirty, three percent of the production. So this project is is a cultural project to fight the waste. And more than that, we transfer our knowledge to the volunteers, so they're the win and and we give the example, we set the example for the new generation, the new shaft they see and they look at us as an example. So this is what the what a chef in two thousand seventeen is is, is a agent of change. And this kind of project are very inclusive project. You know, we are breaking the walls in the. Moment. People are building walls and say, please welcome. You are welcome. Come inside of fun of joy. Let's celebrate together. That was the ever passionate maximum Petur. You've been listening to a special episode of the big interview with me. Tell entrance if the tales told today have tickled your taste butts picture interest, then be sure to keep a hungry I on newsstands. The first MOnaco drinking and dining directory is out this month. He can find out more about that. Doc. The begin team is produced by yelling 'go fan and edited by casting Alpin until next time. Thanks for listening.

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