Watch Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool interrupt Hugh Jackman's birthday message


This is the mytalk now trending report what's this what's the latest trending online this afternoon would it be arbor day that is trending also hugh jackman is trending he's throwing a little shade at ryan reynolds after reynolds crashed hugh jackman birthday message recording it's all in good fun it's cute they're at cinema con having a fun time together rob schneider trending he has some opinions about his former shell saturday night live fairly rob is not here for alec baldwin's trump and prussian also trending today would be abba the band is reuniting and recording new material for the first time since nineteen eighty two also trending alexis bodell the actress says sisterhood of the traveling pants three could be happening could be a reality how exciting right that's what's trending here at mytalk now at five by witness news weather forecast today partly cloudy and windy with a high of sixty one tonight partly cloudy and thirty four and tomorrow partly cloudy and fifty seven by the way sunday going to be sunny and sixty eight currently it's mytalk studios it's partly cloudy and windy sixty one now you know what we know see more at mytalk one zero seven one dot com she did you wanna get a real taste of bradley trainer at his best you're going to want to check out that.

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