Korea Breakthrough, Bezos Wealth, Wells Probe: CEO Daily for April 27, 2018


The war by the end of this year and denuclearized their peninsula that summit is a big lead up to the possible face to face between kim jong un and president trump abc's tara palmeri has more from washington president trump taking a bow for the historic agreement struck between the leaders of north and south korea working towards an end to their decadeslong conflict the president taking on the challenge to denuclearized korean peninsula and bring peace a solution unreachable for the past sixty years in his upcoming meeting with north korean dictator kim jong hoon president trump will hold a rally in michigan tonight that event is scheduled on the same night as the annual white house correspondents dinner for the second year the president declining to attend in california prosecutors in sacramento say a dna match lead to the arrest of the suspect in the decades old golden state killer case seventy two year old joseph di angelo was arraigned on murder charges friday he did not enter a plea investigators say they narrow down suspects by using genealogy websites and family trees a strong denial from nbc sees tom brokaw the allegations of sexual misconduct linda vesta former nbc correspondent accusing brokaw showing up to her hotel room uninvited in the nineteen nineties and trying to force a kiss on her brokaw calls bester character assassin and denies those allegations you're listening to abc news ever wonder why european seemed to speak so many languages and maybe it's because they use babble the number one selling language learning app in europe babbel's awardwinning technology gets you speaking right away whether you're learning spanish french or german and best of all you'll remember what you've learned i always thought i was bad at languages but after using battle i can tell you i was just taught the wrong way using babbel's ten to fifteen minute lessons you can be speaking confidently in your new language within weeks i was amazed that i.

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