Real Madrid-Bayern Munich tie defined not by mistakes but by beauty and bravery


Yankees minnesota trying to get a win they've lost ten of eleven the twins are at target gibson and astrology four three bottom seven minnesota leads the blue jays underway from anaheim baltimore cobb l a pino in it is zero zero top two and oakland gets a run in the top of the well they lead it in the top of the second one nothing over seattle member fish and i had the bed on that game i've got seattle he's got oakland that's for you know the major starbucks deal for next monday with the caramel knee extra whipped cream and all that stuff so i i i can't lose that one come on seattle it's early though it's on the top two and the white sox leading rob ritchie's was cardinals john strewn as well a couple good solid listeners to one bottom seven white sox were shields who fish was really getting on last night against walker and saint louis so again four three updating twelve fifty eight to go in nashville power play for another minute forty eight keeping an eye there one oh two one oh one toronto a minute forty two to go trying to see what's going on there and i will get you update panish perspective coming up lots to talk about sports x michelle has made it into the house candy my main man he's working he's working the the board over here last thing i want to get him before i go to break uefa champions league byron munich reality madrid what a great game today final was to two and buyer munich really dominated for a long time but couple goals benza header in the eleventh minute after a one one no lead early in the third minute for buyer munich and then two to one reality on a on a botched play on a mistake by the goaltender rick there for byron munich and an easy tapin for benza and then buyer unit comes back hamas rodriguez gets the equalizer and they had many opportunities couldn't get it past novice of course who's from costa rica did a great job so it ended two two on aggregate real madrid goes to their third straight champions league final by winning four to three they will take on the.

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