Caravan of migrants reaches US border, await Border Patrol processing


Sure kim jong un is watching very carefully what president trump does in iran david tonight martha thank you closer to home tonight and the showdown on the us border that caravan of men women and children from central america arriving at a us border post the question tonight what happens next abc's chief national correspondent matt gut men on the border tonight tonight that standoff but the mexican border intensifying some scaling to the top of this border fence customs and border patrol claiming some migrants have now illegally entered the us they had made the two thousand mile month long trek from southern mexico on buses train and on foot murray martinez said her family of nine has been pursued by the gang ms thirteen may he goes you told me if i stay in my country be killed president trump repeatedly warning the migrants should not be allowed into the us are you watching that mess that's going on right now with the caravan coming up but the migrants here say they won't give up gave it by far the longest part of the journey for any asylum seeker happens with they're actually in the united states and that's the process of being granted or seeking asylum it can take years and in hinges upon something called a credible freddie interview basically these migrants have to prove that they face persecution if they are sent back home and a majority of them are sent home david matt government on the border forest tonight thank you mad and there were also developments in that serial killer investigation in california investigators tonight on why they believe that former police officer allegedly went on a reign of terror joseph di angelo of course behind bars tonight authorities believe he committed twelve murderers more than fifty rapes in tonight right here what might have fueled his rage.

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