Over 150 migrant caravan members cross into US to claim asylum, organizers say

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Find your way home it's five oh three at the bay area's news station kcbs we have a pretty good overcast out there this morning but it should burn off leaving us with sunny skies and inland highs in the low eighties good morning i'm susan lee taylor matt bigler is on assignment and here's what's happening the wait continues for dozens of members of that migrant caravan mexico's border hoping to apply for political asylum in the us kcbs is matt bigler has visited the migrant camp in tijuana and he joins us live from near the border with more good morning matt good morning susan the remaining migrants will soon be waking up in their tents tarps hoping today will be the day that they can apply for asylum in the us this is what the camp looked like when i first visited yesterday are couple of first aid trucks the red cross is here there is a food table people are passing out t right now mexican tea and there's even a coloring table for kids i had a chance to talk to some of the migrants about where they are coming from and why they wanna leave their home countries don't edit on duda duda ho l we've era says he joined the caravan because his grocery store in honduras was being targeted by the notorious ms thirteen gang finishing also noticed dollar inquests madonna says if he didn't pay their tax they would kill him others are fleeing domestic violence and aid worker wendy battiston says there is a whole group of transgender youth in their home country they murdered and abused and they went through hell to get here now about seventy migrants were allowed to apply for asylum yesterday that brings the total to about one hundred fifty eight but there are still about seventy left in the camp live in san ysidro matt bigler kcbs thank you matt and we'll be checking in with math throughout.

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