Survey: Seniors say sex still matters despite woes of aging

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A l all right so between the salmonella outbreaks and allergies and i guess prompt proposals some of you guys are like all right let's go and listen to dr dalia for some non political news of oh i just died to talk about what's going on with trump you know i am this termi daniels and all that i mean i you know it's it blows my mind how the media has nothing better to cover especially with everything going on in the world and everything going on with this country always has to be about trump so i get you i'm gonna try to give you guys a little breather from trump so i i or trump news i should say but this headline today from usa today and it's a headline and i'm like i said what's going on politically no it's it has to do with seniors and sex and i thought that was pretty interesting and it's kind of like changes the little boat of the show today could we talk a lot about sex seniors and sex they say many adults aged sixty five to eighty or having sex but not only having sex they are pretty satisfied not got a lot of younger listeners listen to the show we've got about twenty five girls twenty eight year olds a lot of millennials listen and i know what they're thinking when they see a headline like this sixty five to eight year olds having sex really someone's gonna dislocate a hip someone's going to lose their cain the dentures are gonna fall out any of you who are young and millennial ish okay get that out of your head that older people are old they're not and having a mom that's you know out there in the dating world and on the single scene they look like they're having a hell of a lot more fun than us younger folk now i'm generation x so i'm not a millennial trying to pretend to be a liking out the money sitting there but at much i will blend y'all and somebody's like bam make sure your children they're eating vegetables i like second there now my children.

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