Vice president Mike Pence's doctor resigning



Conviction abc's aaron katersky reporting another white house resignation this time the doctor assigned to vice president mike pence and it may be related to a confrontation between pence's doctor then president trump's physician the vice president's physician dr jennifer penna resigning from the white house medical unit but no one in mike pence's office will say why last fall dr penna reportedly expressed concerns about mr trump's physician ronnie jackson and how he handled the case involving vice president pence his wife karen the pens team saying the medical unit would respond to questions but so far no comment on the resignation that's abc's andy field or hoarding here are your political insights from abc news president trump says his attorney rudy giuliani didn't have his facts straight when he talked about mr trump's reimbursements for the stormy daniels payments when rudy made this statement foodies grace but rudy it just started had he wasn't totally familiar with every with everything but the president didn't explain what exactly giuliani got wrong working hard a few hours later giuliani released a statement intended to clarify his views insisting the payment was a personal matter having nothing to do with the campaign he also said quote my references to timing were not describing my understanding of the president's knowledge but instead my understanding of these matters and president trump's setting the stage for his meeting with north korea's kim jong hoon being scheduled we now have a date and we have a location he says that announcement is coming soon and those are your political insights i'm are let signs abc news komo aaa traffic every ten minutes on the fours that we're getting a generally good looking flow traffic just a reminder that the southbound i five in thome up these being detoured to northbound seventy five state route five oh nine and southbound oh five that work will be going on until five o'clock and it looks though we've cleared up i ninety eastbound that was west of the mercer island way for a problem most blocking the right lane things moving well on the evergreen point floating bridge and no problems on the narrows into coma your next report at four zero four i mike conklin komo news hi good morning everybody hey we're gonna.

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