Maldives, Israel and Loch Ness discussed on The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Podcast


Exists i i've been to the maldives i've never seen the maldives but they do exist i think the paper have been to the maldives people are in the maldives now people are from the molten i haven't seen the maldives if you base eastern exists but dumb this is your argument not mine i haven't seen this monster so i'm saying there's no proof that it doesn't exist does no proof that is exists and there's no proof it doesn't i mean you both light fair there's no proof either way i mean dumpsite just seem pictures of the loch ness monster now some people say they're fake and some people say the real used to say all those pitches a fake don't you that's your argument really all the pictures muster fake yeah because there isn't real because you haven't seen it yet no because there's no evidence to prove that the sponsor israel there's no evidence to prove it isn't is there is there isn't okay can you say my invisible friend tony here who stood next to me no you can't well it doesn't matter that's relevant with you can see he's invisible and he's a real person okay but he's invisible and he he looks after me wherever i go yeah he's totally real leave that right well no i i don't know why do you believe i can't see that he's not really having proved tony's not real i i'm waiting for proof to come in he's not real matt kinney scene.

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