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And steve dour these guys are doing python at microsoft who knew i didn't even know there was high on microsoft and it sounds like there's not just by on a microsoft there's like a long legacy of this dan see first of all welcome to the show thank you for having us yet thank happy to be here let's go back to the beginning a little bit you guys have been at microsoft a little while tell us about python and its roots in this in this company wow so so yeah python microsoft has has such an interesting history so i've been there for about six years coming up on six years now and it was going before my time i don't remember the details i've heard like the stories in the room is there was some part of lay windows of three thousand three or something that shipped a needed python so we briefly shift by the windows for some database i don't even remember what it was now at this point that went away at some point someone upgraded and went to a different language we briefly flirted with the idea of let's implement python on top of the ceo la and that became i n python long with i in ruby which ultimately became the dynamic features of c shop came out of that so it wasn't a complete bust of approach a project yeah and i heard some of the some of the features in the debugging area also came out of that reuse some of the api's of your for the pied de bugger and and things like that certainly yeah that's that's a lot that came out of that project often that was kind of wrapped up on the microsoft side and pushed out and taken over by the community by the way like there's people still pushing i and python along really that's still still making releases that they getting that python three support together after

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