Officials: Border agent was attacked by several assailants


In the news center nylon ktar news there's new information about the shooting of a border patrol agent in southern arizona tucson sector says the wounded agent is in stable condition and in good spirits the agent is a trained paramedic and was able to get to his vehicle and administer first aid after being shot up patrolling a remote area alone near era vodka border patrol says the agent was attacked by an unknown a number of assailant striking him several times several people were arrested in the area on immigration charges but so far not been connected to the shooting jeremy foster ktar news president trump is back in washington now after his summit in singapore with north korean leader kim jong un vice president mike pence is weighing in on the summit as we move forward the negotiations we now will trust but verify our sanctions will remain in place until north korea's nuclear weapons are no longer a factor pence told the southern baptist convention today that the meetings were direct honest provocative and productive senate democrats are introducing an amendment to prevent president trump from withdrawing u us troops from south korea unless it's in the us national security interest senate foreign relations committee chairman bob corker says he's taking a wait and see approach i don't even know again if that's real again i don't typically again mattis or pompeii or somebody over reagan vein and we'll say cars the move is in response to comments that president trump has made since the summit with north korean leader kim jong un that the us will stop quote socalled war games over the korean peninsula if kim starts denuclearization of north korea president trump's former personal attorney is now expected to work with federal prosecutors who are investigating in the law firm that has been representing michael cohen is not expected to represent him going forward and no replacement attorneys have been named instead we're told cohen is likely to begin cooperating with federal prosecutors in new york who have been building a criminal case against him white house aides have long told us they're more concerned about what cohen knows than about anything that has been across the desk of special counsel robert muller that's abc's aaron katersky because of arizona's longterm dropped the the communities of pine and strawberry are being asked to curb their water usage those communities are now under a mandatory outdoor water use restriction until further notice the pine strawberry water improvement district wants to limit watering of lawns and gardens and washing cars until significant monsoon rainfall helps ease the problem the ground is baked.

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