Jonathan Friedland, Netflix's head of communications sacked over 'N-word' use


Of the original architects of what's now called community based policing the term was ever even introduced john was one of these people that are desisted that members of the lapd form better deeper more sustainable relationships with the people because he knew that putting handcuffs on folks wasn't the answer was an lapd commissioner and the president of the urban league he died after a long battle with cancer at the age of eightyone investigators are looking into the suspicious death of a ten year old lancaster boy officials with the sheriff's department say that the department of children and family services had been called to the home in the past but dcfs director bobby cabletel's knx privacy laws prevent him from confirming that would not rush to judgment on any of this i think we're very early here and i think that it could very well turn out that the agency did exactly what it was supposed to do our effort every time is to ensure that children are safe and understand the concern in the light of cases that have gone badly wrong in the past ten years old seven other children have been removed from the home a man died of a gunshot wound campground in malibu creek state park in calabasas deputies say he appeared to be camping with his family and somewhat attacked him no one else got hurt but his daughters ages two and four with him toni hoffman of the california parks and recreation department says that the area has been shutdown is closed actually out of abundance of caution we're closing the camp ground through thursday june twenty eighth the name of the victim is not been released and no word yet on a suspect kids meals in california are on the way to being served up without soda and juice water plain milk would be the default drinks in a restaurants kids meals under a bill that's moving fast to the assembly floor doesn't solve the problem but as part of a public health effort to help assist families making a choice that's going to be good for their kids helpful for their kids that they can opt out of if they choose state senator bill monning says the measure is to fight childhood obesity and diabetes however state senator joel anderson counters the bill is simply government overreach the state budget they can't build roads and infrastructure for they have time to micromanage how i raised my children i think that's just wrong it goes over the line he says the bill would actually hurt poor families karen adams kennex ten seventy newsradio thirteenyearold illinois faces a felony eavesdropping charge for recording a conversation with the school principals without their consent his mother tells cbs news her son just wanted to create a record of the conversation at such house word against an adult's word in there's no actual evidence of what was being said the adult is going to be taken into account as the person being truthful automatically illinois has one of the strictest east dropping laws in the country if convicted the boy could face up to three years in juvenile hall and a twenty five thousand dollar fine it's one fifty time for your money netflix ceo reed hastings sent a memo to the company explaining exactly why communications chief jonathan freedland was fired hollywood reporter says hastings cited freelance descriptive use of the n word in a meeting with his team is showing an unacceptably low racial awareness earlier this week intel ceo resigned for violating company policy after an investigation found he had had a relationship with an employee the weinstein company may be going at a bargain price it's cut the sale price to lantern capital partners for the company to.

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