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Game changer in terms of world politics between president donald trump and kim jong un the leader of north korea for fifty years since the korean war the united states and north korea have been locked in a deadly stalemate meanwhile the north koreans use that stalemate to gain the atomic bomb even a crude hydrogen bomb and an icbm and they claim they can hit the united states anytime they feel and so then the question is well what is the meaning of this summit some people say ha yawn nothing new no big breakthroughs well i tend to disagree i think that this was the beginning of something that could really change the whole politics in asia and effect world politics especially the situation with regards to iran first of all both sides may concessions so it wasn't simply hohum nothing new both sides has some rather important things first of all president trump's surprise the pentagon and the south korean government by pledging to stop the war games that have angered the north koreans for many a decade it turns out the united states and south korea performed full pledge wargames that north korea with some justification believes could be a precursor to an all out real invasion of the north and president donald trump in a gesture to the north koreans has pledged to stop the war games unilaterally this of course apprise the pentagon the pentagon was asked for a comment and the pentagon said well we're awaiting orders from on high which of course means donald trump and the south koreans were also caught flatfooted but everyone in south korea i think agrees that it would reduce tensions between north korea and the united states and south korea if the united states temporary suspends the war games because these war games can be a precursor to an actual invasion of north korea says the north koreans second of all donald trump said that he's enter tainting the idea of eventually removing us troops from south korea up to thirty thousand us troops in fact twice that number of us troops are in japan not only to save money said donald trump but also to reduce tensions because if you have almost thirty thousand us troops right at the border with north korea then once again the north koreans with a certain amount of justification can say that well it looks like a precursor to an invasion and that's what the north koreans want to have eliminated and then next donald trump made the key statement and that is sanctions will remain in place until the nukes are removed and so this is going to be one of the main things that north korea wants to bargain north korea wants the sanctions to be removed but the process of removing the nuke says to also begin as well so trump made several gestures to the north and then what gestures

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