Sen. Bob Menéndez: Separating immigrant families is not the law


Jeff mckinney and the w o r newsroom with the focus on immigration president trump today address socalled angel families around the president as he spoke family members those who have lost loved ones in the hands of undocumented immigrants stood many holding pictures of their loved ones the president blames the media for not putting enough of a focus on such cases they don't talk about the death and destruction caused by people that shouldn't be here among the family members who attended steve rana back whose son was killed by man in the country illegally a problem that's going away it's getting bigger the president promising he'll continue pushing for tighter borders alex stone abc news of haute on a second immigration bill was postponed until next week after a more hardline bill was defeated yesterday and president trump tweeting today the gop leaders should not waste time on immigration until more republicans are elected in the upcoming midterm elections senator bob menendez blasting president trump's migrant family separation policy says the zero tolerance policy is unacceptable and inhumane immigrants have no choice but to escape the violence in their countries is impossible to deter a mother protecting her son inscription into a gang menendez wants the trump administration to end the prosecution of families seeking asylum in our country he adds children taken away from their families should be reunited with them immediately i'm lisa g for seven ten w o r an isis sympathizer is facing new attempted murder charges stemming from a deadly truck attack in lower manhattan that's in addition to the eight murder counts thirty year old cy full of saipa is already facing he's accused of using a rented truck to stage a terrorist attack last halloween on a bike path along the west side highway more than two and a half million people are expected to descend on manhattan sunday for the two thousand eighteen new york city pride march but there's an important change this year event organizers say the nypd helped them come up with a new route this year which uses seventh avenue for part of the march nypd deputy chief james kiho so large viewing area it's a it's a largest street's largest sidewalks event director julian san jeevan says the new route will be a test run for next year's world pride event the march will go past the historic stonewall inn and they're trying to trim the time of the event with limitations we have sat in please we have about close to forty nine thousand marches that we've registered down from sixty to seventy thousand at nypd headquarters i'm rob dawson for seven ten w o r state health officials say they think a worker at the belmont park racetrack died from a rare virus that's connected to rodent droppings officials say preliminary test results showed the employees died earlier this month of hanta virus is is usually contracted when people breathe in the virus when near rodent droppings and a confined area hot virus cannot be transmitted from one person to another french officials tell the new york times that when he committed suicide in france earlier this month celebrity chef anthony bourdain had no drugs in his system new jersey lawmakers passed a measure imposing a five cent fee on plastic and paper bags statewide bidded awaits governor murphy signature a mixed bag from new jerseyans on the five cent bag fee we used to many plastic bags as it is state itself is in financial crisis so we go raise money somewhere it's five cents a bag why do people care i don't think it should be levied across the state and i also don't think there should be a tax overhaul on the bags.

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