Democrats urge Trump to rescind ‘zero tolerance’ as GOP delays immigration vote


The table immigration here's why immigration i know we talked about it a lot i know it's an issue out there but i'm finding it fascinating about with the latest doc children of immigrants they say the media out there is calling it this controversial water splitting up or legal immigrant children and parents and i don't think that's the right way to present it you know it's like saying gosh you know the whole family broke into disneyland and the kids should be able to stay so he just broke up the family now the wasn't the kid's fault the parents broken but guess what kids need to leave with the parents fact is there in disneyland illegally to keep it all together number one number two parents chose to put their family at risk by breaking the law in the first place come to vessels might take on it but anyway so according to one headline house looking at it this is what it says gop scrambles to fix controversial border policy of splitting up illegal immigrant children and parents and that is the fox news headlines that's not even the cnn or msnbc headline so we are being told that mr president is has a policy of separating children for parents what say you owe it fits right in with the narrative because he's just everything he's a slama phobic he's a white supremacist and he's this and these that i could go on and on it's it's just tiring folks the point i would like to make is that in twenty four teen barack obama sat there and said i want to tell the people that are considering crossing our border not to bring their children because you will be separated why did he say that because that was the law in effect in twenty four eighteen those pictures you see on the net with children we've been cyclone fences those are from twenty fourteen and by the way the republicans that are trying to come out on white horses now and save this terrible law they were perfectly fine with one hundred thousand unaccompanied minors coming on trains through the summer of twenty fourteen and twenty fifteen i have had it with the hypocrisy in both parties our country is being invaded there being invaded by kids with parents that aren't even there's this is a sad sad story for the american people that addition to a park receive this is a criminal conspiracy of the democratic party leadership and some within the republican party leadership and the news media united states that are all working and synchronisation to push through a bill a so called dot bill it's got be flawed and very bad for the united states the democratic party future all hinges on illegal immigration and massive immigration of people in the united states ellison the new democrat vote new democratic voters and of course there are supplemented with constant charges of racism against white people and donald trump and his supporters and in fact the real racist in this country the people that are trying to vied and conquer the united states and do away with our constitutional form of government they did the same thing under ronald reagan when he give amnesty they made all kinds of promises that we're gonna do they never did anything they legalized a bunch of people living here with the idea that we're going to have borders secure bring our borders under control was on lies and deceit and it's happening again right now and they're really working hard to back trump in congress into a corner but the they have the power to votes in congress the past these things using republicans but they have to do it very cautiously and they're trying to ram through using the motions of people by staging these events on the border i just heard on the news at these kids were crying mama and daddy in mexico and south america they don't use the term mom and daddy have a different language so there prompting nester making it for the news media they're manipulating the emotions of the people they're liars and they're deceitful and what they're doing we need to stop all this illegal aliens coming into the country should turn them back right at the border that don't even let him in the.

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