Hundreds protest the police killing of 17-year-old Antwon Rose in Pittsburgh


You're on the move because those twenty year old rapper triple extent does he own was shot multiple times this week by two men who fled in a dark suv as police described it he was pronounced dead a few hours later at a hospital in the state of florida hundreds of his fans gathered in los angeles to pay tribute to some people got out of hand they got very chaotic they were throwing things at the police jumping on cars swarm industry risk their own lives jumping off of rooftops rapper takashi six nine also posted a video on his instagram regarding the trolling he's been doing himself to other rappers on social media sometimes i just feel like i do too much trolling you could be here today and be gone tomorrow expert number positively positively is probably one hundred million thousand people out there trying to kill me police in broward county where xs murder took place are making arrests in the case including twenty two year old derrick williams who's been charged with first degree murder on.

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