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And the area sagittarius a there is a raging black hole now why can't you see it well first of all is in the middle of a galactic nuclei a cluster of stars that looks like a fireball by rights by race you should see a fireball brighter than the moon a fireball brighter than the moon coming at every night but you don't see it why does clough's galactic dust it turns out that the galaxy the milky way galaxy is quite dusty in fact that's where we come from we are made out of galactic dust but that's also the reason why you cannot see the center of the galaxy and that's why you cannot see this fireball that rises every night but you can't see it because of dust well at the center of the fireball there is a black hole it weighs two to three million times a massive our son so we know it's there there and we've even had pictures of stars being eaten up by this black hole and perhaps maybe next year we'll have photographs of the center of this black hole surrounding the black hole there's a sphere this fear is called the event horizon it is the point of no return if you fall into this fear you are going to be inevitably crushed at the center of a black hole how we don't really know but we're lashing together several radio telescopes around the world to gain the resolution of a gigantic radio telescope the size of the earth now to build a radio telescope the size of the earth is impossible it would it would cost too much money but by lashing together several smaller radio telescopes scattered around the surface of the earth and then combining the signal in the computer we can recreate the image as seen by a radio telescope the size of the planet earth that telescope is so powerful that it can actually zero in on the event horizon this is amazing i never thought that in my lifetime i would be able to talk about photographing the event horizon of a black hole that is the point of no return a sphere that surrounds the black hole we're going to have pictures of this perhaps as early

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