Santa Fe High School shooting: Here are the victims


Shooting at a high school south of houston governor greg abbott praised texans for their resilience and emphasize that texas stand in solidarity with santa fe there was some riveting testimony at the attempted murder trial of former english high administrative dean sean harrison the victim luis rodriguez said he looked up to him fastmoving lava crosses a road and isolates about forty homes in a rural subdivision below hawaii's kellaway of all keno forcing at least four people to be evacuated by county and national guard helicopters as china's middle class grows so too does its taste for finer products now the craft beer market is thriving in china are typically more expensive than mass market low alcohol content bruise like budweiser and china's yang jing abc's checks iverson reports the two thousand eighteen craft beer of china exhibition is flowing with creative mixes of flavors tradition and to bear little general flying fist and mandarin wheat among the offerings on tap at a craft beer exposition in shanghai dedicated to promoting sales of high end brews and china breweries or sharing tips on the latest technology and sales trends more chinese are shifting from legacy bruise like budweiser and china's yangjiang to more experimental inexpensive flavors there's money to be made china which drinks a quarter of all beer worldwide according to beer industry research more money was spent on beer in china in the usa in twenty seventeen braintree school goes into lockdown after a parent removed by police from the ross elementary school is found to have a hand gun in his backpack police responded to a call on friday about the wellbeing of thirty six year old michael fisher who has a child at the school they found the gun after vassar was removed from the school by ambulance police said that at no time did the parent threaten anyone claimed abba weapon bashar a licensed gun owner is charged with carrying a firearm on school grounds and unlawful storage of that gun he will be arraigned monday in quincy district court massachusetts schools do have specific guidelines for emergency situations including gunman wbz's kim tunnicliffe has more on that every school building in massachusetts has mandated by state law to have what's called a multihazard evacuation plan in place in conjunction with their local police and fire departments the plan should include evacuations for fires and natural disasters as well as.

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