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Eighty one percents of white evangelical voted for donald trump in the previous election that's a record that's more white evangelical than voted for george w bush and george w bush was a white evangelical this makes no sense to people especially when you consider that trump is not just the most irreligious president in modern history okay stop this so so this makes no sense to mr aslam i don't really know how to pronounce that just reminds me of the lion the witch and the wardrobe great movie by the way love that i love that show what's the the line when lucy talks to with mr mrs beaver about meeting aslam the first time she says is he safe and mr mr mr mr mrs beaver look at her and say no he's not safe but he's good but he's good and i loved that line i love that show but anyway mr azlan here saying that donald trump is the most irreligious irreligious president in modern history and he's perplexed as to why the white even and he he makes it a point to say white evangelical is now obviously this guy is not a conservative sort of individual and

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