Girl with autism kicked off plane because captain didn’t ‘feel comfortable’ flying with her


Radio conservative not bitter excuse me talk radio so we don't have a lot of time left her today bear with me because again my is all messed up because i'm not able to do this in the morning because of my responsibility and obligations for jury duty but and i appreciate your patience as i try to get back into the swing of things here is we've had just because i don't know what the next couple of weeks are going to hold but anyway i wanted to really quickly continuing to again i'm gonna post this on our facebook page if you want to see the whole video but again this is a guy he's perplexed as to why white evangelical christians voted for donald trump perplexed that more a higher percentage voted for trump then they voted for george w bush so going to play a little bit more of this just to give you a flavor in some of the thoughts and confusion surrounding this and then you can watch the rest of it on on the facebook page if you want so here is he is continuing discussion of of of why christian evangelical our white evangelical i should say voted for donald trump asked to do so and yet and yet received a record number of votes by white evangelicals scholars of religion normal rational people have been trying to figure out what i love that by the way normal rational people the normal rational people which are of course the people that didn't vote for trump right those are the people that were left with right you can't vote for donald trump if your normal and rational and by the way he talks about trump's some some immoral things about trump but may i point out that the alternative was also hillary clinton i mean the idea that hillary clinton is some sort of a obvious moral selection is preposterous to me it's absolutely ludicrous to me but what we talked about this before but this this what what attracted evangelical to trump at least in the general election we're things like the the supreme court right do you want to nominate someone who's going to interpret the constitution conservative or someone that's gonna make up law from the bench conservative christian would say conservative christian would say yes.

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