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To seven you're listening today on radio four with john humphreys michelle hussein and kathy clugston with a summary of the news the bbc understands that the government is considering a recommendation to send up to four hundred more troops to afghanistan the defense secretary gavin williamson has written to the prime minister suggesting an increase in the number of army personnel who are helping to train afghan forces it follows a cold by the united states for nato allies to join it in sending more troops to the country president trump has tried to ward off north korea's threat to call off their son summit by promising that the country's leader kim jong un will remain in power if he gives up his nuclear program mr trump distance himself from comments by his national security adviser john bolton who angered the north korean spy referring to libya as a model for denuclearization the speaker of the house of commons john berko has been accused of swearing and calling a senior minister a stupid woman during an angry outburst in parliament according to the daily telegraph his remarks were aimed at the leader of the house of commons andrea led some a spokeswoman for mr berko said strong and differing views were expressed on all sides but mr berko treated colleagues with respect the world health organization is to hold emergency talks to discuss an ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo this morning the body said the global risk to public health from the virus remained low but it had raised its national alert level to very high for the drc figgers tanned by the bbc show that large numbers of people who challenged the decision to remove their main disability benefit were successful last year in the southeast london and wales around three quarters of those who contested a decision about their personal independence payment one their appeals the consumers association says many householders are getting half the broadband speed promised by their providers the findings by which were published a week before new advertising guidelines will require companies to advertise average speeds.

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