NFL fines Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson for workplace misconduct


In for mark garrison tonight coming up in just a few minutes and update on those hepatitis eight vaccinations also a little bit later on this hour talk about a contentious hearing on capitol hill but i the nfl has fine jerry richardson two point seven five million dollars following its investigation into sexual and racial misconduct in the workplace the league said the investigation conducted by former us attorney mary jo white substantiated the allegations against richardson that the improper conduct was limited to him and that the team and its ownership failed to report the allegations or any resolution agreements to the league i spoke with former panther and current w f n's e hose frank garcia about his reaction to the announcement of the fine i think it is something that doesn't really shock me i think that it was something that i think a lot of people felt like was gonna come you know maybe the length of time is the thing that uh you know probably have been handled a little bit differently or better but ultimately the nfl made this point and you know now it's time to move on as you look back on richardson's legacy what is what's your what do you think that is going to be i don't know how much this going to affect the big term big picture you know legacy you know jerry richardson know he's a guy that brought football here to charlotte you wrote handwritten letters to to fans and made some mistakes we all make mistakes and ultimately you have to pay for those mistakes and you know that's one of the things that you know it was going to be on on on his on his docket so that's that's not to say it's blemishfree but who's is and it's gonna be something that tarnishes it i don't think it destroys it okay and with the new owner coming in david tepper what do you think there's going to be as far as a shift in the in the culture of the panthers organization as a whole after this whole episode i mean that's a two point five billion dollar question isn't it i mean you how he can affect the culture here how is he gonna fit in in charlotte is he going to be more of a handshake type guys being upfront out on out nope type of guy or is he going to be a guy that expects things from you know the city and we've seen probably those happened in different ways shapes and forms here in charlotte over the last twenty five years and didn't work well for bob johnson you know with him coming in here demanding things and you know he wasn't here very long i think jerry handled himself you know when he brought the team here with class and dignity and and i think that you mr tepper is going to have an opportunity to win some people over and some fans and you know do some good things here for the city of charlotte the nfl says most of the money from the two point seven five million dollar fine will be used to support the work of organizations dedicated to addressing race and gender based issues in and outside of the workplace one of those organizations at this is the charlotte based beauty for ashes ministry a statement by the panthers today says they cooperated throughout the investigation and have taken proactive steps to address any misconduct it goes on to say that they remained committed to improving all facets of the organization and fostering an environment in which all.

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