UN migration agency snubs Trump's nominee to lead it


Want to see exactly who steps forward it may be those countries in western and southern europe it's fair that about one hundred migrants who were on a boat off the coast of libya have drowned coast coastguard officials said only fourteen survivors were rescued the vessel appears to have got into trouble in waters to the east of tripoli but exactly what happened isn't yet clear president trump's nominee to head the un migration agency is reported to be knocked out of the race after losing three rounds of voting the international organization for migration has been led by an american for nearly half a century the mr trump's nominee ken isaacs was considered a controversial choice he'd made disparaging remarks about muslims on social media united nations says there's a grave risks that many civilians will be trapped as syrian government offensive against rebels intensifies in the south of the country government forces are trying to recapture strategically important rebelheld territory the borders jordan and israel alan johnston reports the un's human rights chief zayd alhussein said civilians were being used as pawns in the conflict he said he'd heard that in one area islamic state fighters were preventing local people from fleeing but across the region tens of thousands of civilians have been displaced many who've headed towards jordan stranded in a desert area with no food or water both jordan and israel refusing to allow those fleeing to cross their borders the israelis have sent aid to people gathering just beyond the frontier nearly thirty years after britain's worst sporting disaster at hillsborough football stadium a judge has ruled the police commander in charge on the day can face trial david duck infield will face charges of manslaughter by gross negligence in relation to the deaths of ninety five liverpool football fans world news from the bbc this is wnyc in new york at nine oh four good morning.

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