As the search for 12 boys lost in a cave hits day 5, Thailand holds its breath


The dow closed up ninety eight points the nasdaq was a fifty eight point gainer a us military team expert british cave divers continue the search for twelve boys in their soccer coach loss in saturday inside a massive cave in thailand rain has repeatedly hindered search and rescue efforts officials believe the group is alive but trapped deep inside the cave abc's alec stone says hawaii's big island is now bigger after weeks of continuous lava flow and no end in sight kellaway has now added one hundred twenty acres of new land hawaii's big island it reaches out into the pacific ocean by almost a mile maps will have to be updated and there's the issue of who owns the land could be federal or state land that will have to be figured out alex stone abc news the rod in alaska is losing a high profile sponsor abc's scott goldberg has that story the long running relationships between the famous alaskan sled race and jack daniels is over the whiskey maker says not because of pressure from animal rights activists but because jack says it's shifting marketing dollars to another kind of traveling partnership with the nba still people for the ethical treatment of animals is claiming victory after it's been lobbying sponsors to leave the idea rod claiming more than one hundred fifty dogs have died race officials dispute that but there's also a dog doping scandal last year under pressure wells fargo ended its major sponsorship scott goldberg abc news this is abc news komo news.

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