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Www news time is now eleven forty two a new study aims to shed some light on the recent decline in alien life discoveries cbs news correspondent jim chenevey explains over the millennia man has stared at the heavens and wondered are we alone well yes we are at least according to a new study from oxford university in a paper titled dissolving the fermi paradox researchers have concluded that there is a substantial probability fifty three to ninety nine point six percent that there is no other intelligent life in our galaxy what's more the study suggests that across the observable universe there is a probability factor of thirty nine to eighty five percent that we are alone jim chenevey cbs news meantime you may want to schedule some time tonight to step outside and look up the alcock when tribes called june's full moon the strawberry moon because it signaled the time to start picking strawberries is also considered the most colorful full moon of the year and tonight strawberry moon will also be your best chance this year to see saturn the sixth planet is at its closest point to earth tonight that's cbs's vicki barker may the slice be with you star wars in indiana jones star harrison ford stopped in for some pizza in amherst massachusetts along with his wife alley mcbeal star callisto flockhart and their son yesterday antonio's pizza regional manager j correo telling the boston globe at the seventy five year old ford had pepperoni sausage and tomato basil while the fiftythreeyearold flockhart had a slice of broccoli pizza no surprise there and their son had a cheese pizza correo says ford was very down to earth and even posed for a photo wbz news time now eleven forty four we'll check in with tony ortiz and sports next.

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