Homes evacuated as firefighters battle Colorado wildfire


Record voters took to the polls in a number of states yesterday as primary contests heat up heading into november's midterms in california it was democratic lieutenant governor gavin newsom beating back a challenge on the democratic side from former la mayor antonio villa rosa he can see the contest late last night let me congratulate gavin newsom and let's all give him a hand in other california contests it was pretty much business as usual there are some well known political names who will now advance to november here in california devon nunez nancy pelosi maxine waters adam schiff kevin mccarthy meany waters among them none of those were big surprises us on the senate side diane feinstein eighty four years old blowing away her competition they had to november abc's alec stone back here at home firefighters working on a wildfire burning in far west jefferson county near park county near that border it's burning south west of the town of conifer an area called homes gulch way park county jefferson county line and the fire is actually located on jefferson county side lacrosse with park county the jefferson county sheriff's office has just issued a stage one fire restriction in south western colorado the four sixteen fire continues to burn is now up to nearly three thousand acres ten percent containment at this hour some suspect sparks from a nearby train spark the flame some suspect i should say the sparks invest sparked the flames to wrangle and silverton narrow gauge railroad gm john harper says they prepare for fires begun by the train that does happen and there are starts from locomotives and we take precautionary measures to make sure that that then we put them out at least at this hour new buildings have been lost but the flames have forced hundreds of evacuations former president bill clinton says his today show comments about his nineteen ninetyfive affair with former white house intern monica lewinsky were not his finest hour when i saw the interview i thought that because they had to distill it and it looked like i was saying i didn't apologize and i had to attention to and i was mad at me president clinton told cbs the late show host stephen colbert last night he recognized his responses during the today show interview earlier this week struck some as combative clinton told colbert the interview started with an assertion that he'd never apologized the former president said people need to know he apologized.

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